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今回取りあげる VOA Newsに掲載された記事は、 イギリスのジョンソン首相が信任投票を経て続投が決定したというニュースについて扱っています。





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This is VOA News. Reporting by remote, I am Richard Green.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has survived a dramatic no-confidence vote.

Members of Prime Minister Johnson’s own Conservative party voted Monday to retain the embattled leader by a vote of 211 to 148.

AP’s Ed Donahue reports.

Johnson has had trouble shaking off revelations of boozy parties by him and his staff in 2020 and 2021. That flouted coronavirus restrictions imposed on others.

“What we’re going to do now is take the opportunity to unite and deliver.”

But a growing number of Conservatives feel Johnson is now a liability who will doom them to defeat in the next election. The opposition agrees.

“The British public are fed up. Fed up with a prime minister who promises big, but never delivers.”

Keir Starmer is head of the Labour Party.

“Fed up with a prime minister who’s presided over a culture of lies and lawbreaking at the heart of government.”

Johnson’s margin of victory was less than predecessor Theresa May’s vote in 2018. She was forced to resign six months later.

I’m Ed Donahue.

In the US, five minutes ... five members of a far-right group are facing serious criminal charges in connection with the January-6th-2021 attack on the US Capitol.

AP’s Mike Hempen has the latest on that story.

The former top leader of the far-right extremist group and other members have been charged with seditious conspiracy for what federal prosecutors say was a coordinated-attack on the US Capitol.

Former Proud Boys Chairman Henry Enrique Tarrio and four others linked to the group were previously charged with different conspiracy counts.

More than three dozen people charged in the Capitol siege have been identified by federal authorities as Proud Boys leaders, members or associates.

Mike Hempen in Washington.

This is VOA News.

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