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VOA 2-min news 220509_09pm


今回取りあげる VOA Newsに掲載された記事は、 フィリピンで行われた大統領選挙の結果、マルコス元大統領の息子が新しい大統領に当選したというニュースについて扱っています。





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This is VOA News. Reporting by remote, I’m Joe Ramsey.

The Philippines woke up to a new but familiar political dawn on Tuesday after an election triumph by Ferdinand Marcos Jr. paved the way for a once-unimaginable return to the country’s highest office for its most notorious political dynasty.

Marcos, better known as “Bongbong,” trounced bitter rival Leni Robredo to become the first candidate in recent history to win a Philippines presidential election majority, marking a stunning comeback by the son and namesake of an ousted dictator that has been decades in the making.

Marcos fled into exile in Hawaii with his family during a 1986 people power uprising that ended his father’s autocratic 20-year rule and has served in Congress and the Senate since his return to the Philippines in 1991.

Marcos’s runaway victory in Monday’s election looked certain when early results of an unofficial vote poured in, and with 95% of the eligible ballots counted, he had more than 30 million votes double that of Robredo. An official result is expected around the end of the month.

US President Joe Biden said on Monday he’s worried Russian President Vladimir Putin does not have a way out of the Ukraine war, and Biden said he was trying to figure out what to do about that.

Biden, speaking at a political fundraiser in a Washington suburb, said Putin had mistakenly believed the invasion of Ukraine would break up NATO and break up the European Union.

Instead, the United States and many European countries have rallied to Ukraine’s side.

Russia’s assault on Kyiv was beaten back in March by strong Ukrainian resistance.

Russia, which calls the invasion “a special military operation,” has been pouring more troops into Ukraine for a huge offensive in the east.

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